I became interested in homeopathy over 20 years ago when my nine-month old son had repeated ear infections with no relief after many antibiotics. One trip to a homeopath and the infections were resolved. This amazingly curious event got me interested in learning more and I began reading about homeopathy. Along with the expert guidance of a qualified homeopath, I treated my family and eventually studied to become a nationally certified classical homeopath (CCH).

I have been on the board of The National Center for Homeopathy since 2012. I am passionate about educating people about homeopathy and I am excited about the organization’s growth and consumer outreach. I served as conference chair for 2015 and 2016, was the Board President for 2017-2019, and am currently the immediate past-president.

In addition to my homeopathic practice and board work, I also manage a speed reading company called Rev It Up Reading, which offers in-person and online speed reading education. I have authored several speed reading books and one on study skills. I had been a longtime member of The National Speakers Association where I honed my public speaking skills for my businesses. I recently retired from the board of my local library after 10 years of service including a two year stint as board president.

I am happily married with two adult sons. I also manage the care and affairs of my elderly mother. I enjoy Master’s swimming, walking, yoga and reading as time allows.