About Beginner Homeopathy Study Groups

  • Do you want a more natural and holistic approach to healing?
  • Would you like to reduce the amount of chemical medicine you and your family are taking?
  • Would you like to learn how to use homeopathy in acute situations?

Nationally certified classical homeopath Abby Beale CCH RSHom(NA) will be offering a once‐a‐month virtual homeopathic study group for anyone interested in learning how homeopathy can be used for acute illnesses and first aid.

Main Areas of Focus

Some of the main areas we will focus on include:

  • the history of homeopathy
  • how remedies are made and proved
  • what symptoms indicate which remedy
  • how to take a remedy
  • homeopathic philosophies
  • good case‐taking practice
  • what books are good for getting started
  • and so much more!

Once A Month Meetings

The study group will meet over Zoom for two hours once‐a‐month for a year (that’s 12 two‐hour sessions for a total of 24 hours).

The exact day and time will be determined by the group and can be scheduled as a morning, afternoon or evening session.

It will be the same day and time every month for ease of scheduling.

If you can’t make a session, I will record the meeting and send it to you after.

Homework & Supplies

In between meetings, you will be given homework/self‐study that won’t take a lot of time but will be helpful to your learning. It may include some specific reading from the study guide and/or an option to watch a pre‐recorded webinar and/or to do some online research. For those interested in learning even more, I can recommend specific books to read based on your areas of interest.

Each study group is limited to 10 pre‐registered participants to encourage individual participation and enhance involvement.

The group is for complete novices, those with a little knowledge and those with a lot of knowledge who want to reinforce what they know.

Investment in Your Learning

$279 covers your entire year of Zoom study group meetings – 12 two‐hour sessions (24 hours) – AND a copy of Homeopathy 101: How to Use a Homeopathic Kit at Home Study Guide (retail $97).

It is recommended to purchase a 50‐remedy homeopathic kit in 30c potency at some point in your studies so you will have the remedies on hand as needed (average price including shipping is $130).

Pre‐registration required by November 20, 2020  December 11, 2020 to facilitate the scheduling of groups. Registration limited to 10 people per study group.

Contact Abby with your questions. New groups will start in January 2021.