The world is freaking out due to the new Coronavirus, but homeopaths are not nearly as concerned about it. Homeopathic treatment has had a long history of success in treating the flu and other viruses. 

One example is The Spanish Flu of 1918. It was pandemic in the US and there was no reliable medical treatment or prevention of the disease at that time. The flu claimed more lives than World War I. Yet, recoveries in the national homeopathic hospitals were common. There exist many papers and reports regarding the success and popularity of homeopathy in treating the Spanish Flu. Statistics from Ohio show 24,000 reported cases of flu treated with allopathic/conventional medicine experienced a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 reported cases of flu treated homeopathically experienced a mortality rate of only 1.05%!

What homeopathic remedies were used to successfully treat the Spanish Flu in 1918? Gelsemium and Bryonia. Both of these remedies are still used today for the flu, quite successfully.

Here are a few details of several useful remedies this flu season. Read each description to see which remedy might best match your symptoms. You can also google “homeopathy for flu” and read up on what others are saying.

Arsenicum Album -You feel chilly and exhausted, along with an anxious physical restlessness and mental anxiety. You may be thirsty, but often only takes small sips. If the digestive system is involved, nausea with burning pain, or vomiting and diarrhea may occur. If the flu is respiratory, a watery, runny nose with sneezing and a dry or wheezing cough are often seen. Your head usually feels hot, while the rest of the body is chilly. 

Bryonia – When you are very grumpy and feel miserable with the flu, wanting only to lie still and be left alone, this remedy is likely to be useful. Dry painful cough that makes your head hurt, muscle aches or stomach pain may be the major symptoms. Everything feels worse from even the slightest motion. Your mouth usually is dry, with a thirst for long cold drinks that doesn’t satisfy the thirst.

Eupatorium – Flu with deep pain occurring in the legs or back (“as if the bones would break”) often responds to this remedy. Pain may be felt in the eyeballs, with a heavy sensation in the head. Illness often begins with chills and thirst, followed by high fever. Chills may be felt the back and legs, and the aching in the bones is worse from motion. You feel “wiped out” and miserable. 

Gelsemium – For flus that come on when the weather changes from cold to warm. For the commonest of flus which come on slowly and are accompanied by weak, aching muscles. You have a dull headache and a great feeling of heaviness … everywhere, especially the eyelids, head and limbs. You are NOT thirsty even with the fever which alternates with chills and shivers that run up and down the spine. You’re apathetic, dull and drowsy.  

One action you can take the minute you think you be coming down with a flu-like illness is to go to any local drugstore or supermarket and get a box of Oscillococcinum. (see product box below) This remedy, when taken at the very start of a flu-like illness, can either shorten the illness duration or possibly prevent the illness from taking hold in the first place.

If you have symptoms of a flu – fever, malaise, possible headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, achiness, etc – think of homeopathy! It can shorten the duration and intensity of the illness or avoid it altogether!

Remember a strong immune system is your best defense against any disease. Wash your hands often, get good sleep, eat healthy, get some physical exercise, and find ways to minimize and manage your stress.

If you get stuck in your healing journey and need more homeopathy advice, please be in touch.