Dear Homeopathy Clients and Friends:

I wanted to send this quick note to check-in with you and your families, share some Covid-19 info and to provide an update on my practice.

Checking In

How are you and your family doing during this unusual time? I recently heard the idea that the universe is banishing all of us to our rooms to force us to think about what we are doing, to our environment, to others, and to ourselves. . . For those who are feeling well at this time, I’m hearing you are enjoying this time for soul-searching and doing soul satisfying activities.  I’d love to hear from you if you feel like sharing what you’re feeling and what you’re up to. I promise to respond!

Quick Update on Covid-19 Info

I’ve heard from many of you and thankfully not many have flu-like symptoms. But IF you do, please know that I, along with the entire homeopathic community, have been communicating via emails and webinars to learn about how to best approach and provide remedy guidance for flus, pneumonias and Covid-19 when we see it.

What is known in our community is that when someone is given homeopathy at the beginning days of the illness, it has a solid chance of resolving much sooner and with less complications. So please be in touch if you are not feeling well.

Update on My Homeopathic Practice

I look forward to getting back to my office to see folks in person but for now I am happy to say I am still able to provide homeopathic care via Zoom, Skype and over the phone. If you’re a client and it’s time for a follow up, or you’re someone interested in starting homeopathic care, please connect with me here.

I hope you are all safe and healthy, but if not, remember homeopathy. Be it physical or emotional symptoms, homeopathy can help.