I’ve been talking with many clients lately who are feeling the cumulative stress of our current life notably the effects of the pandemic, the controversy (for some) surrounding the vaccine, the political situation in our country, unable to grieve for lost loved ones and living life differently for longer than we ever expected.

If you’re experiencing some uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, grief or generalized stress, homeopathy can help. I’m listing just a few more common ones to get you started. If you feel you need something more, connect with me here or through the contact page of my website to schedule a free 15 minute consult.

If you see a remedy listed here that might be a match to your symptoms, you can get a Boiron tube in a 30c potency online or from a health food store.  You would take two pellets (under the tongue away from food and drink for 5 minutes) two times a day for up to three days. If feeling better, stop! If nothing happens, change to another possible remedy or reach out to me.

Arsenicum – for stress/depression with an underlying feeling that world is going to hurt me. There is a pervasive restlessness and chilliness with a strong desire for warmth, warm drinks and warm foods. Can have a fear of death or dying and an overarching anxiety and worry about one’s health. Panic attacks are common and they are afraid of being alone.

Gelsemium – Overall mental and physical weakness with the inability to cope with daily life and responsibilities. Dullness, confusion, exhaustion, trembling and drowsy are common. Fears flying, public performances, tests and crowds. Desire to be left alone. Insomnia or restless sleep.

Ignatia – for those experiencing stress from the shock of recent grief or loss. There may be hysterical mood swings moving from laughter to tears or a feeling of being stuck in one’s grief. They have an ideal of how things should be in the world and then when reality hits, there is extreme sadness, irritability and frequently headaches. There can be a sensation of a lump in the throat and frequent sighing.

Phosphorus – typically a very out-going person with anxieties about one’s family, the future and friends. Tends to cry, likes being consoled and wants company. Can experience panic attacks when the imagination overtakes the mind. Strong thirst for cold drinks, may have loose stools or easy bleeding.

Sepia – for feelings of overwhelm with one’s responsibilities, accompanied by some irritability or aversion to one’s close family with some sorrowful weeping. Headaches may feel a band-like constriction around the head and more emotional sensitivity around the period. Insomnia is common.

Additionally, there is a wonderful Bach Flower Essence product called Rescue Remedy that can be taken alongside a remedy whenever strong anxiety or stress is present.

This is just a start but hopefully one of these might help you or someone you know get started on feeling better!