Do you think that being healthy means being out of pain, having energy or not getting sick often? If so, you are on the right track but there are many more things that, as a homeopath, I look for to see if a person is truly “healthy”. Read through the six categories below and rank yourself on your perceived level of health on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being low and 10 being high.
1.    Strength
A healthy person has a strong immune system meaning they don’t pick up every germ around. If they do get sick, they heal fairly quickly. They are emotionally strong as they can foster a positive emotional reaction, not be hurt by others and have a sense of security in themselves. Strength also means having energy for life which includes physical strength. My overall strength rank is ____.
2.    Well-Being
Well-being includes a regular feeling of happiness, a sense of calm, and an overall feeling of satisfaction with one’s life. It doesn’t mean you are happy or satisfied all the time but you feel this more times than not. You aren’t stuck in your thinking and can accept other points of view. You also have little physical and emotional pain. My overall well-being rank is _____.
3.    Creativity
Creativity includes the creativity of one’s mind but also the ability to procreate, heal and restore, and grow and thrive appropriately. It also means finding direction in life. My overall creativity rank is ____.
4.    Freedom
Freedom means having flexibility to adapt and accept in all circumstances, be flexible in one’s joints, flexible in one’s mind to absorb new information, change responses to old situations, and to not feel trapped. Ultimately have a feeling of freedom. My overall freedom rank is ____.
5.    Connection
Connection means being present in one’s life, connected to others, connected to one’s body and possibly being connected to a religious or spiritual feeling. It can also mean being connected and sensitive to one’s reactions to the world around. My overall connection rank is ____.
6.    Appropriateness
Having appropriate reactions to situations (not over-reacting or under-reacting), not always giving in, and feeling the environment appropriately (some call this emotional intelligence) are included in this area. My overall appropriateness rank is ___.
          Any area you ranked as a 7,8, 9 or 10 is a healthy score whereas anything 6 and under warrant some attention. Though it would be ideal to have a 10 on all of these, that would mean perfection, which humans are not!
         So though you may come to a homeopath with a chronic physical or emotional issue, know that I am also looking at all these other areas. Over the time we work together, I do my best to provide creative and supportive guidance on other things you can do to reach higher levels of health.
         If you’re interested in increasing your health ranks, let’s talk. I offer a free 15 minute phone consult or a 30 minute free in-person information session. Contact me with your interest.