It was after midnight on a cold winter night when my then three year old woke up with a deep, barking and persistent cough. He was wheezing and at times having trouble breathing. He was sitting bolt upright in bed because laying down made him cough more. He had a cold earlier in the week that seemed to have moved into his chest. I immediately called my pediatrician’s office and left an urgent message with the answering service.

While waiting for the call back, I ran to find my new homeopathy reference book called Homeopathy for Infants and Children by Dana Ullman. I looked up Coughs. Under the cough listing, there were 13 different possible remedy descriptions. I quickly read through each one trying to match my son’s symptoms to the most similar homeopathic remedy.

While reading through each description, I was getting disheartened. There wasn’t a clear remedy that matched my son’s symptoms. Finally, when I read the thirteenth and last remedy description, I thankfully found the remedy that matched my son the best. It read:

This is one of the primary medicines for a dry, barking, croupy cough. The air passages are dry, sputum is dry and the child is hoarse. The coughing is exacerbated by cold air, warm rooms, eating sweets, talking, lying with head low and drinking cold fluids. The cough tends to be worse at night. Warm foods or drinks seem to provide relief as does sitting up and leaning forward.

I decided this remedy was worth a try and prayed I had it in my newly purchased home remedy kit. Thankfully, it was there. I gave my son two pellets of Spongia Tosta 30C to dissolve under his tongue, the remedy I had just read about and prayed something positive would happen. About 10 minutes later, when the pediatrician called back, my son’s coughing was slowly subsiding, and his breathing was getting easier. I told the doctor what my son had been experiencing and I was told that if the cough persisted and breathing was an issue, go to the emergency room.

We never went to the ER. After one more dose of the remedy, the croupy cough calmed down so much that my son fell asleep and woke the next day with just the remnants of his cold.

This was one of many instances that prompted me to study and become a homeopath. If you’re interested in learning more about homeopathy and how to use a homeopathic remedy kit at home, please join me for one of my free Tea with a Homeopath events coming up on Saturday, October 13., 2018

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